Hi there all, 

I'm new on the list, and decided to start with a question:

I'm using FreeBSD 4.7 for quite a time now (at least I think :) ) and I
wanted to get my scanner to work. I own a Starlight StarScan 4800 (some say
it is made by Ultimate, but I'm not sure) with FCC-ID: ITEUECMT3. It is
connected to my printer-port (LPT1 in Window$, so I guess it's /dev/lpt0 in
FreeBSD?) It used to work with Window$ 95 (as a TWAIN-scanner or
something). I have quite a knowledge about PC's, but not so much about
scanners, so that is why I'm asking it :)

I installed sane and xsane and the man-page told me something I didn't get
about PINT and such, but even after heavy google-crawling I didn't make it.
Can any of you help me out? Or at least tell me how to configure sane,
pint, xsane etc for use with Plug-and-Pray-scanners on this port?

thnx, Fi-Ji

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