On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 11:50:55PM +0000, Chad Kline wrote:
> Since I upgraded to FreeBSD 4.7, I notice the
> following problem:
> Once a month when my log files rotate
> (simply gzipping the old, and the creating a new empty log file
> via a cron job) the log files stay empty.  all permissions and ownerships 
> are correct.  it takes a "reboot" - then the
> daemons are able to fill up the new log files - but not
> until a reboot.

You should use newsyslog(8) and /etc/newsyslog.conf instead. Most loggers
(eg syslog) hold the file open for writes, and deleting the old one (by
gzipping) only removes the entry from the directory. The logger still
has it open and is still writing to the file (although you aren't able
to reference it anymore).
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