Ok so portupgrde did not work in installing the latest KDE.
I cannot get KDE to run at all.
I get errors about libintl being missing.
Plus a mysterious and new requirement to tell make I have a Matrox 450
Plus the fact I cannot even re-intall KDE from the 4.7 ISO CD's.
I get the highly useful message "Error -1".

So, in my attempts to portupgrade, I get 0 points.

Now, correct me if I am wrong.
The tag for ports should always be ".", since the do not follow any kind
of upgrade system like the release does.
Why does portupgrade try to find 4.8-PRELEASE ports ?
This is nonsense.
>From where is it getting this idea ?

I promise,if someone is capable of explaining this to me, I will write a

Because the whole frigging thing is just useless. That is my experience.

You know perhaps, that hackers exploit holes in the protocols, the
protocols do not define what to do with pathological messages. So people
just made it up. Hence TCP/IP stack exploits.

I draw a parellell here, because *none* of the documentation of ports
explains what can go wrong.

I regard portupgrade as a useless, time-wasting tool. If you have had
luck with it. Then consider yourself blessed.


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