On Thu, 7 May 2009 09:14:24 -0400, Daniel Underwood <djuatde...@gmail.com> 
> In /etc/hosts there are two lines containing:
> localhost localhost.my.domain

Really? No IP? I mean like

        ::1             localhost       localhost       bsdbox.local bsdbox       bsdbox.local.

> Since I'm connecting to the Internet through a dynamic-IP ISP without
> a reserved domain name, I have nothing with which to replace
> "my.domain".

You can replace it with anything that doesn't resolve, such
as ".local", ".localdomain", ".dingenskirchens"... :-)

> What should I do to resolve this issue? In a situation like this
> (note: I am behind a home router), is there actually anything I can
> replace "my.domain" with?

It's important that /etc/hosts defines the values for
localhost and your selected hostname (bsdbox), at least
with the IP. You can add further IPs with the
same name if your machine spans a LAN (such as from

You can check everything with

        % host localhost


        % host bsdbox

so it should resolve to

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