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Mark wrote:

> > Using a single Apache 1.3.x install, is there a way to install
> > both mod_php4 + mod_php5 together? I can't just upgrade to php5:
> > not every webboard and such accepts php5 yet. On some dirs (or per
> > vhost) I like the Apache server to use php5, though.

> No. At least, not within the current ports system.  Quite apart from
> anything else, the php4 and php5 ports conflict -- they fight over
> installing files to certain locations. I'm also not certain that
> loading both mod_php4 and mod_php5 into the same instance of Apache
> is viable.

Thanks. I figured as much. So I just upgraded to PHP5 already. :) Only
thing is, I can't get GD to compile properly (which I really need).
Compile keeps failing on the libxcb port. Seems it wants to install all
sorts of X11 stuff (which I don't use). Can I not just build gd.so with
all the X11 baggage?


- Mark

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