On Fri, 08 May 2009 11:10:53 +0200 Andrea Venturoli wrote:

> I'm working on a project where we need to use GSM modems to be able to
> send and receive short messages; right now this is implemented through
> SMSTools.

Have you ever tried comms/gammu?

> We are having a lot of problems like the modem hanging and stopping
> any communication with the computer, the modems suddenly saying the
> SIM card is bad or that the ISP network is refusing registration.
> Most of these are resolved by unplugging/replugging the modem.

Did you try to change a cable? Prior to using GSM modems we had tested
some mobile phones and had got much trouble with their cables.

> I was wondering:
> _ can (some of) these problems be FreeBSD related (e.g. USB driver
> issue, or something)?

So you use USB modems, aren't you? Which FreeBSD version have you tried?
If it comes about USB, FreeBSD 8-CURRENT is very nice. It has a rewritten
USB stack. And a release is approaching.

> _ has anyone had any similar experience?

No. But we use comms/gammu and modems with COM interface.

> _ can someone suggest a brand/model which works fine? (We tried three
> different ones, but all show some glitch).

Siemence MC35i is very stable.

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