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On Sat, 9 May 2009, Jos Chrispijn wrote:

The process described in UPDATING for upgrading to Perl 5.10 is relatively
painless compared to previous perl upgrades.  So much stuff depends upon
perl that:

Do you recommend having Perl updated or should I stay with 5.8?

I've updated a number of machines to perl-5.10, and apart from the sheer
amount of stuff that needs re-installing it has been virtually painless.

Most publicly available perl modules are written to be compatible with
perl-5.8.3 or later and unless you're being bitten by some version specific
bug there's no really pressing reason to upgrade to 5.10 right now.  On
the other hand, neither is there any really pressing reason /not/ to upgrade.
It's all down to personal preference.

However, I expect the consensus on the minimum supported version to change
over time and more use to be made of 5.10 specific features, so I'd certainly
recommend installing brand new machines with perl-5.10 in order to minimize
the potential for future pain.



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