Chad Perrin wrote:

[..huge snip..]

> I hope you get some value from my rambling.

I have gained very much value from what everyone has had to say, and I
want to thank everyone.

Although I have very much reading to do, I've come to a few conclusions
thus far.

One thing that did not cross my mind prior was regarding the comments
Chad made, use in media other than within the programming scope itself.

FYI, almost all of my apps are for systems/network management and
automation. I've written an application that bridges our wireless
hotspots to our payment bank site (the bank supplied me a Perl module),
through to radius, and with an expiry method to automatically remove the
users so that the entire process is hands off.

Most of my code would have to be changed to make it generic and not so
site specific before being put out there. Being that I'm not really a
programmer, having my code out there for peer review would make it much,
much better if it was useful. (I'd probably be on the receiving end of
finger pointing and laughing, but that's ok ;)

Thanks all!


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