On Sun, 2003-03-02 at 18:31, stan wrote:
> Could some kind soul give me a pointer on how to solve a very perplexing
> problem?
> I've got a 4.7 STABLE machine that Galeon started crashing (core dumps on
> startup) about 3 weeks ago.
> Since then I've cvsup'd and made world 3 times, and did portupgrade each
> time. Today I deleted the Galeon port and rebuilt it, delete .galeon, and
> .mozilla directories in my home directory. 
> I was then able to get Galeon to run the initial configuration tool, but as
> soon as it tried to start up, it crashed!
> Pleas, pleas can someone help me get this working? What should I try next?

What font ports/packages do you have installed?  Can you send the output
of pkg_info?  Have you tried rebuilding galeon with debugging symbols to
caputre a backtrace?


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