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On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 12:48:58PM -0500, Bill Moran wrote:
Pedro F. Giffuni wrote:
No, FreeBSD dislikes moronic skript kiddies spamming the PR database.

OK, I'm screwed :(. It's difficult to find committers interested in my ports (math/cad stuff) anyway. I guess I'll just keep'em for myself for some more time.

Or you could consider helping find a way to re-enable the www to send-pr while preventing script kiddies from abusing it.

Why not have a "pr-moderator" for each category (i386, kern, doc, etc), who approves each incoming PR. Basically this person would act as a front-line defense against spammers, but it would also allow them to assign PRs to developers as they are submitted, rather than letting them sit in the PR database for weeks/months before anyone picks them up.

I've never submitted a pr, but I've written scripts for bulk web submissions (GET and POST for load testing web apps). Did the previous web pr-interface have any sort of verification process? (e.g. email to submitter) Were there any sanity checks? (e.g. no more than X pr's per Y time)

Where would I look to find the *old* web pr interface?

In the CVS tree, of course. Specifically www/en/cgi/dosendpr.cgi. If you don't have a local copy of the source or can't use CVS, you can use cvsweb:


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