At 11:48 AM +0100 3/2/03, Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
charles pelletier wrote:
how do you add a machine account in samba? i've already added
users using 'smbpasswd -a username password' but cannot for
the life of me remember how to add a machine to the samba

man smbpasswd

smbpasswd -m <machine name>
Then vipw to add a "$" before the name. I don't think you can add
the "$" with smbpasswd in FreeBSD. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

It depends on what version of freebsd you are running. I recently committed a change to freebsd-stable so 'pw' will accept userids and groups with a last-character of '$'. That change is also in the freebsd-current branch. 4.8-release will probably be the first official release which will have that change.

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