I set my WINDOW_MANAGER variable to the full path for fluxbox, and
launch startx .. Gnome loads up, then loads fluxbox, but then gets stuck
for about 90 seconds while on the 'Window Manager' part of the loading

After 90 seconds or so, the loading dialog finishes and the rest of
Gnome2 is loaded, and everything seems to work fine. My question is, why
is it getting stuck for 90 seconds like that? What do I need to do to
avoid that delay? When I use the default Gnome WM, it only takes a few
seconds to Gnome to load completely. Similarly, when I launch Fluxbox
directly, it loads almost instantaneously ..

Just for a test, I also loaded the ultra-minimalistic PWM window manager
in Gnome, and that also exhibited the same problem.

Any ideas what to do here? I am using FreeBSD 4.7, with all installed
ports running latest available versions.


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