On Sunday 02 March 2003 07:20 pm, Kirk Strauser wrote:
> At 2003-03-03T02:19:38Z, Kent Stewart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > We are basically doing the same thing. A portversion -c would have
> > shown x, y, and z. When I check the versions, I would have seen
> > that y depended on x and z.  I would specify x and z on the -ruf. 
> > This is what I called an interesection. If there is more than one
> > intersection, I usually have rebuilt everything.
> I see.  Why specify `-f'?  Wouldn't that force an upgrade of packages
> that don't need it?

It probably isn't needed but I got used to using it. Since I start with 
the top of the chain and work on ports that depend on them, I got used 
to forcing pkg_delete and this is probably a carry over.

> > I have seen situations where your -rR would have really been
> > beneficial and faster than rebuilding everything.
> Indeed.  Many time when I'm upgrading a server, for instance, I'll
> skip on some of the userland niceties.  I don't get too upset about
> port version bumps of Emacs, but I want mod_php4 to be as current as
> possible.
> > True! But the b-dep for kdebase is
> >
> > [a lot of stuff]
> >
> > and a -R kdebase would have rebuilt all of this.
> It wouldn't really rebuild very much of that, though, would it? 
> Surely the majority of those packages would be relatively stable,
> wouldn't they?

The -R says it is supposed to do the b/r-deps. Now, I haven't followed a 
-R to see if it really rebuilt all of the r/b-deps; however, those are 
the ports that x depends on and "-R x" reads as if it is supposed to 
rebuild them. It doesn't say anything about just the modified ones. I 
have learned to not read between the lines. So, I interpret, all of 
them as all of them and not just the modified ones.

I have some aliases that show the ports that depend on a port. I run the 
aliases before I choose the one(s) at the top of the tree for the 
portupgrade -r.

I "rm /usr/ports/packages/All/*" in the slow machines before I ftp the 
new ones from the 2000. What I bring over is a complete copy of 
everything I use. I follow the progress with a "ls -lt | more" in 
.../All. I could try something and see if -R does all of the b/r-deps.

With the freeze iminent, it shouldn't take long for something to appear 



Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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