>Tim, I know nothing about WOL on FreeBSD, but according to the wiki, 
>development just started in 8 CURRENT: 

I came across that same reference. Unfortunately we're stuck on 7.0. I take it 
the point of the "wol" command that available in the ports collection is that 
it can be used to wake any system that supports wake-on-LAN, and these systems 
can be running any OS. 

So, based on what I've read here and in my searches, for wake-on-LAN to work on 
a given system, the NIC itself has to support this feature, and in addition the 
OS has to be able to enable this feature (via the driver for the NIC). It seems 
likely that when this appears that a new option will be provided for the 
ifconfig command. 

Since we're stuck on 7.0, I guess the only option is to implement it 

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