El miércoles 13 de mayo a las 09:21:46 CEST, manish jain escribió:
> Hi,
> I want to move vi to /bin so that I have an editor available in
> single-user mode. This sounds simple (and should be if all you have is
> a single partition), but there are problems. For starters, terminfo
> can't locate its database in single-user mode.
> Could anyone please tell me how to go about this on a 7.x system ? I
> am also curious to know why FreeBSD doesn't place vi under /bin in the
> first place.

Try /rescue/vi in single user mode. Before that, you must copy
/usr/share/misc/termcap.db to /root/.termcap.db (/root is the HOME of
user root).

Best regards.

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