On Monday 03 March 2003 00.23, Cliff Sarginson wrote:

> Well I am trying to be constructive. Not just a compainer...although it
> sounds that way (having spent 2 unsuccessful days trying to get the
> latest KDE ports installed).

We obviously test the ports on a wide variety of systems, but we can't catch 
everything.  For example, there were recent changes on -CURRENT that 
completely broke in kdebase, and we've been asking for people affected to 
test a patch that very likely fixes it.   As a further example, a recent 
upgrade to libxine changed it's API so much that kdemultimedia stopped 
building.  Of course, updating the ports again with cvsup would fix that one, 
since we fixed it rather quickly, and posting the build error to kde@, we 
would have immediately recognised the problem as the one we just fixed, and 
advised you accordingly.

I guess I don't see your posts to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (clearly listed as the 
maintainer for all KDE ports) with your build/runtime problems, symptoms, and 
logs that would help us diagnose the problem.  They must have slipped under 
one of my filters.   Perhaps, since I can obviously see your posts here, you 
could repost them and I can forward them to kde@ for you.

Lauri Watts
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