I'm using FBSD 6x. It's been a while since I upgraded ports. One of the ports to upgrade is curl from 7.18.0 to 7.19.4. It wants to pull in security/ca_root_nss. This port gets a bunch of errors when attempting to install. Here is an example:

Error configuring OpenSSL
40358:error:260AB089:engine routines:ENGINE_ctrl_cmd_string:invalid cmd name:/usr/src/secure/lib/libcrypto/../../../crypto/openssl/crypto/engine/eng_ctrl.c:318: 40358:error:0E07406D:configuration file routines:CONF_modules_load:module initialization error:/usr/src/secure/lib/libcrypto/../../../crypto/openssl/crypto/conf/conf_mod.c:234:module=engines, value=openssl_engines, retcode=-1

I had been using openssl from the base system but tried installing from ports (0.9.8k) to see if it helped. It did not. Should I leave or remove openssl from ports? If I leave it, is there anything I need to do so it does not conflict with the base system?

And regarding ca_root_nss, what must I do to get that installed?



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