> based on Linus Torvalds (which we ALL know is RIGHT) states that
> when asked if the name GNU/Linux was justified:
>     Well, I think it's justified, but it's justified if you
>     actually make a GNU distribution of Linux ... the same way
>     that I think that "Red Hat Linux" is fine, or "SuSE Linux"
>     or "Debian Linux", because if you actually make your own
>     distribution of Linux, you get to name the thing, but
>     calling Linux in general "GNU Linux" i
>     I think is just ridiculous.
> (G)ot (N)othing (U)nique takes years since 1989 for http://is.gd/zGZh
> Hope this helps.
> thanks
> Saifi.

And in the end, the world almost never heard of Linux and would have had BSD 
everywhere. Linus stated that he prob would have never made Linux if the 
litigation around BSD 4.4 had ended earlier. 

But why he feels like he can take over the GNU OS just because he made the 
kernel never made sense to me. I'm glad the GNU project finally got Hurd going 
though, even though they too almost went with a BSD 4.4 based kernel before 
Linux came along

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