On Thursday 14 May 2009 10:54:43 Saifi Khan wrote:
> Hi:
> Trying to compile scrotwm (from OpenBSD ports)
> http://www.peereboom.us/scrotwm/html/scrotwm.html
> on my FreeBSD 8.x 200905 i386  system.
> and make can't find
>  .include <bsd.prog.mk>
>  .include <bsd.xorg.mk>
> The directory /usr/ports/Mk/ has bsd.xorg.mk file but not
> bsd.prog.mk

The OpenBSD ports system is not the same as the FreeBSD ports one. FreeBSD 
ports all use bsd.port.mk, which pulls in prog.mk from /usr/share/mk 
automagically. xorg.mk is also automagically pulled in when USE_XORG is set.

You need to port the port, compile by hand or ask someone to port the port.
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