On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 07:16:37PM -0800, Gary D Kline wrote:
>       I've been having much the same experience.  Trying to upgrade
>       things let go too long on my 4.7-PRE system has been nearly'
>       futile.  
>       I like having src, like most of us hackers.  But take Redhat
>       that a friend installed on another system.  It sucks over 
>       ports and plugs them in and adjusts the dependencies and 
>       the newer Linux programs Just-Work.
>       I tried to get the FBSD vers of mozilla working (with plugins)
>       for a month.  It wasn't until I installed "linux-mozilla" that 
>       everythng worked here.  Flash, shockwave, real-audio... 

Not a flame, but this is just hard because all those plugins are only
available for Linux. Complain to Macromedia & Real.com.

FWIW, www/flashpluginwrapper works beautifully for Flash 5, and
www/mplayer-plugin handles all my video needs, which does not include Real,
granted. But that is only a matter of time.

>       Flames to /dev/null, gentlemen.  I know that RH is commercial.
>       Still, wouldn't it be "allowable" to check out their ports
>       system??

And get into RPM hell? No way.

Portupgrade should be able to upgrade older systems just fine, but the fact of
the matter is that cruft tends to accumulate, even when using only ports. One
faulty pkg-plist and something gets left behind. Most of the time this is no
problem, but it can cause strange behaviour, for example when a header file is
left behind but the corresponding library is not. This is why staying on top
of things helps you out, because when plist errors get fixed, you also have
the correct registered information in your /var/db/pkg.

And of course, as others already pointed out, just complaining without
providing error messages or helpful output will of course get you
nowhere. Saying 'Red Hat is better because it works there' is only an
indication that somewhere along the line something on your system
became broken to the point that it broke other things. You need to find
out what it is (and that goes to the OP as well).


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