Pieter Donche wrote:
FreeBSD 7, KDE 3.5
To install Matlab (in linux compat mode), one must execute the
matlab install program as root. The installer is graphical.
When from a KDE terminal window, I switch to root (# su -)
and try a graphical program, e.g.  # xpdf, I get Can't open display.
The FreeBSD handbook (10.5.1) says in that case type setenv HOME ~USER
(USER the username where the su command was given). This doesn't help
I still get Can't open display.

What's wrong and how to solve it?

That's the standard X Windows security stopping other users opening windows
on your screen.  In this case, something like:

  % xhost +LOCAL:
  % su
  # {...whatever you need to do to install your app...}
  # exit
  % xhost -LOCAL:

However be aware of the risks: xhost +LOCAL: means that any other user
of the same machine can access your display and potentially capture any
input including (for instance) the root password.

Hmmm... Actually, a more secure means of doing the same thing, that only
grants access to your display by the local root user would be:

  % xauth extract - $DISPLAY > ~/authtoken
  % su -
  # echo $HOME

(This should return /root -- this is important so that the correct .Xauthority
file gets updated.)

  # xauth merge /home/your-uid/authtoken
  # rm /home/your-uid/authtoken
  # setenv DISPLAY :0.0
  # {...whatever you need to do to install your app...}

Now any X programs run by root will open on your display.  To revoke this
permission you can simply remove /root/.Xauthority or for finer grained
control you can use
# xauth remove $DISPLAY



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