On May 14, 2009, at 12:55 AM, Steve Bertrand wrote:

Michael K. Smith - Adhost wrote:
is there a way to have FreeBSD work as BGP router and/or at least
failover between 2 different ISPs?

I, as some random guy on the Internet, would recommend Quagga and, yes, it will work with 2+ ISP's on single device (server). It's well established and in use for transit-facing Internet connections.

I, also as some random guy on the Internet, concur with Mike.

I've got numerous FreeBSD/Quagga boxes that have dozens of BGP sessions,
peering and transit.

The primary reason I chose Quagga was it's similarity with Cisco in
regards to the CLI (and it works with RANCID).

If you want true failover between two ISPs, you want BGP.



maybe you can also take a look at OpenBGPD.

Here you can find a very informative and effective presentation from one of the authors: http://quigon.bsws.de/papers/21c3/

You can find it in the ports under: /usr/ports/net/openbgpd/


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