panix panix wrote:
> Hello,
> in advance sorry for the cross posting, it is just that freebsd-geom didnt 
> seem that populated.
> I run 7.1-PRERELEASE, its a home server.
> today morning after a power failure, the rebuild my root gm0 failed on disk 
> ad4.
> The messages were:
> May 18 08:02:02 panix kernel: ad4: WARNING - WRITE_DMA UDMA ICRC error 
> (retrying request) LBA=268091264
> May 18 08:02:08 panix kernel: drm0: <Intel i865G GMCH> on vgapci0
> May 18 08:02:08 panix kernel: info: [drm] AGP at 0xf0000000 128MB
> May 18 08:02:08 panix kernel: info: [drm] Initialized i915 1.5.0 20060119
> May 18 08:02:08 panix kernel: drm0: [ITHREAD]
> May 18 08:02:08 panix kernel: ad4: FAILURE - device detached
> May 18 08:02:08 panix kernel: subdisk4: detached
> May 18 08:02:08 panix kernel: ad4: detached
> May 18 08:02:08 panix kernel: GEOM_MIRROR: Device gm0: provider ad4 
> disconnected.
> May 18 08:02:08 panix kernel: GEOM_MIRROR: Device gm0: rebuilding provider 
> ad4 stopped.
> I read 
> hoping that the rebuld failure was temprary
> and so i tried to just run 
> # gmirror forget gm0
> # gmirror insert gm0 ad4
> But the system responded (if i remember correctly)  
> Unknown provider ad4.
> The system no longer could see ad4 being online.

Yes, as you were informed by the "device detached" message - after that
point the ad4 was removed from /dev.

> So i rebooted the system many times and had these results:
> -When having put offline ad4 (disconnected by hardware), the system booted ok.
> -When having both disks online the system responded consistently 
> with:
> "GEOM_MIRROR: Cannot add disk ad6 to gm0 (error=22)."

Which means that gm0 was somehow created before - maybe from the "stale"
ad4 copy? If so, you are attempting to add a newer generation of data
(from ad6) to a gm0 instantiated from an older generation (from ad4).
This could explain the error code (22=invalid argument).

OTOH if you only have ad6 in the system this means you are trying to
insert ad6 into a mirror which is already instantiated by ad6 - which is
trivially wrong.

> Which IMO is not very ok, since gm0 should add ad6 without problem,
> no matter if ad4 is online or not.

You cannot really expect the system to behave correctly with broken

> -When having only ad4 online, then it simply cannot find gm0 at all. (kind of 
> reasonable)

Relatively. Is the ad4 recognized by the system? You didn't really clear
metadata on ad4 so it should be recognized, but as a stale version
(hopefully). If it isn't recognized at all, then it's broken.

> So my only option is to have only ad6 online, with a current gmirror status:
> panix# gmirror status
>       Name    Status  Components
> mirror/gm0  COMPLETE  ad6

This is ok.

> Anyone has an idea of how should i proceed (besides buying a UPS unit!)
> Is it meaningfull to go for a new Disk to replace current ad4?

Yes. Then proceed with gmirror insert.

> Why is the presence of the supposed bad disk ad4, affecting gm0,
> when having already told gm0 to forget about ad4?

It's relatively common (it was more common in the days of PATA cables)
to have a bad drive interfering with the rest of the system.

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