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> The tag for ports should always be ".", since the do not follow any kind
> of upgrade system like the release does.


> Why does portupgrade try to find 4.8-PRELEASE ports ?

Because you're running a system with a uname of 4.8-PRERELEASE. It's
probably trying to find packages, since for ports it just uses what
you have installed. But without knowing what commands you issued or
the exact error messages, there's no way to tell.

> This is nonsense.
> From where is it getting this idea ?

>From uname -a, or the same source.

> I draw a parellell here, because *none* of the documentation of ports
> explains what can go wrong.

That's because they can go wrong in so many interesting ways. Most of
the times when I see problems, it's because I run with
LOCALBASE=/usr/opt, and someone failed to fix a reference to
/usr/local. Generally, the maintainer is responsive to fixing that.
One of these days I'm going to build everything with
LOCALBASE=/usr/opt, and report what breaks.

> I regard portupgrade as a useless, time-wasting tool. If you have had
> luck with it. Then consider yourself blessed.

All protupgrade does is some nice things around the standard
commands - like bundling up the old port to reinstall if the install
fails. If portupgrade fails, then issuing the same commands will fail
without portupgrade.

The real problem is that the ports system is fragile. Changing
LOCALBASE causes about 10 perent of the ports to fail.  I tried
running portupgrade with a "-B -j 5" argument for all port builds, and
something like a fourth of the ports refuse to build with those
arguments. Problems ranged from files not being in place to looping
doing the config. Removing those flags fixed everything. kde, being a
huge port, is probably particularly sensitive to minor glitches in the

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