I haven't got any response to Xorg in a jail, so I'll try and wing it... That 
said, I do need some help trying to figure out how to:

1. Determine exactly what Xorg is probing for (what details it needs, etc). So 
far I think I need memory address ranges, chipsets, etc. Found a lot of stuff 
in the log, but I'm not sure if its enough or all I need.

2. Then take the details and set them out in the Xorg.conf. (VideoAdaptor 

What I'm finding really annoying is why the manual configuration systems are 
completely unavailable as of now. I remember my first crack at getting X 
running on a 4.3 system, and having to go through screens of configurations for 
the monitor, card, inputs, etc. Ok, its cool now that we don't need to do this 
anymore, but it does kill things if you're trying this in a system which is 

>From all the info I gathered so far /dev/io is used for the probing. IF the 
>details are entered manually, then surely this would mean it doesn't need io. 
>I'm still not sure what to do about /dev/mem and /dev/kmem.

This is just an experiment- please do humour me and let me have my fun trying 
to bang my head even against the brick wall- who knows? Maybe I'll get 
somewhere... :)

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