> openssl speed -evp des-ede3-cbc -engine cryptodev

works! thanks Brian.

looking for that patch now...

2009/5/19 Patrick Lamaizière <patf...@davenulle.org>:
> Le Tue, 19 May 2009 14:25:24 +0100,
> Brendan Kennedy <brendan.kenn...@gmail.com>:
>> Agreed! The driver doesn't seem to be getting executed through
>> OpenSSH/OpenSSL for ssh session setup either (it used to work that way
>> on FreeBSD 6.2, I don't know if this feature has been left up to the
>> user to enable in FreeBSD 7.x??).
> This is a known problem, you must patch openssl to make it work with
> cryptodev on FreeBSD 7.x (8.x).
> There are some patchs, but I don't find them right now... Check the PR
> database and the mailing lists.
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