Brian Henning wrote:
I have a pserver on my BSD machine that i would like to access it from the
windows 2000 machine witha a command line cvs program.
when i try running:

cvs login

could not open %USERPROFILE%\.cvspass for reading could not open %USERPROFILE%\.cvspass for writing

my setup includes:
created the empty file: %USERPROFILE%\.cvspass
set CVSROOT=:pserver:henninb@<bsd ip address>:/home/cvsroot

any suggestions? anyone else ever have problems with access to cvs from windows? thanks,

Doesn't sound like a FreeBSD issue. Sounds like the command-line client having trouble. Which command-line CVS program is it? Did you check the permissions on %USERPROFILE%\.cvspass to ensure that it's writable by the user who's running cvs?

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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