On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 08:24:48AM +0100, Lauri Watts wrote:
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> On Monday 03 March 2003 00.23, Cliff Sarginson wrote:
> > Well I am trying to be constructive. Not just a compainer...although it
> > sounds that way (having spent 2 unsuccessful days trying to get the
> > latest KDE ports installed).
> We obviously test the ports on a wide variety of systems, but we can't catch 
> everything.  For example, there were recent changes on -CURRENT that 
> completely broke in kdebase, and we've been asking for people affected to 
> test a patch that very likely fixes it.   As a further example, a recent 
> upgrade to libxine changed it's API so much that kdemultimedia stopped 
> building.  Of course, updating the ports again with cvsup would fix that one, 
> since we fixed it rather quickly, and posting the build error to kde@, we 
> would have immediately recognised the problem as the one we just fixed, and 
> advised you accordingly.
> I guess I don't see your posts to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (clearly listed as the 
> maintainer for all KDE ports) with your build/runtime problems, symptoms, and 
> logs that would help us diagnose the problem.  They must have slipped under 
> one of my filters.   Perhaps, since I can obviously see your posts here, you 
> could repost them and I can forward them to kde@ for you.

Ok, mea culpa. I should use the right list when I have a problem.
I will do so from now on.
I do realise that KDE is one complex beast.
I apologise.
I still don't have KDE, but my next message about it will be to the
right list.
I do appreciate everyone's efforts...


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