As a drummer in my past life this sounds pretty sweet, but unfortunately
I don't have the development / programming skills to help you out.  I
still have my acoustic kit, but no triggers or electronics anymore to
play with :(

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I'm wondering if I can turn my FreeBSD into a (very expensive ;-))

That is, I have a PS2 and want to be able to control it via my laptop. 
This would amount to connecting a USB cable between my PS2 and my 
laptop, and getting the PS2 to detect it as a joystick with the right 
identifier string, and being able to send button presses etc via my 
laptop to the PS2.

Does anybody have any starting points as to how I can achieve this?


P.S.: For those of you who must know, I want to interface my electronic 
drum module (Roland TD-9KS) with the Rockband game. The idea is to use a

cheap midi card and convert the incoming notes into joystick button 
presses.... :)

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