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> guys,

> one thing i need to do before i submit my 600+ page tell-all "novel"
> is fihure out howto turn *this* into italics in Ooo-3.01.  i don't
> think any regular publisher world rish this so it;s a roll-you-own.
> what i submit in doc [or odt] is what gets published.  i can turn
> *this* into /this/, but still can't figure out how to have openoffice
> turn all the words i want italicized into actual italics.
> anybody know offhand?

Maybe you can write a macro to do that, assuming you know the
OpenOffice.org macro language.

Otherwise, an opendocument file is actually a zip-file containing several
files. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenDocument_technical_specification

What you can do is unpack this zipfile, and use your favorite text
processing language to replace the '*' with the appropriate XML tags in
the 'content.xml' file. I don't know what the tags for italics
are. So make a small example file and have a peek inside.

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