On 25 mei 2009, at 19:16, Wojciech Puchar wrote:

I have some short movies (a la YouTube) that I would like to show as video streams. Presenting them by download is messing up my bandwidth (...).
Can someone tell me if there is a simple solution installing such a stream service/server into FreeBDS 7.2?

somehow i can't understand you

do you mean installing FreeBSD for this will use less bandwidth?

about your question - simply use FTP or HTTP for this. This will be RIGHT solution, contrary to youtube nonsense that prevents any caching or simply
downloading movie by forcing you to use their flash player.

fortunately we have /usr/ports/www/youtube_dl :)

without that youtube nonsense there wouldn't be a youtube anymore
it's a copyright agreement not to store the videos on someone's harddrive
while watching...

they even offer their own download options at

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