Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> you are right. you can't be happy of warm house without getting really
> cold some time :)
> that's why it's excellent that ZFS (and few other things) is included
> in FreeBSD but it's COMPLETELY optional.
Well, I switched from the heater that doesn't work and is poorly
documented (gvinum) to the one that does and  is (zfs, albeit mostly
documented by Sun), and so far I am warm :-)

Once I'd increased kmem, at least. I did get a panic before that, but
now I am shuffling data happily and slightly faster than gvinum did, and
memory has levelled off at about 160MB for zfs. I'll be keeping my
previous hardware RAID in one piece for a little while though, I think,
just in case! (old Adaptec card with a 2TB limit on containers).
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