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> If that was the case it would say something like 108%, not -83%.

Yes, this makes it really strange. I didn't recognize
it at first sight, because of the missing header:

Filesystem        Size   Used   Avail   Capacity   Mounted on
/dev/aacd0s1d     2.9G  -2.2G   4.9G    -83%       /var

Another thing that I recognize right now is the device
name - aacd0s1d - which refers to the "Adaptec AdvancedRAID
Controller driver" (aac / d0 / s1 / d); maybe some disk data
is reported wrong by the controller? Not much likely, too...

> The other strange value is the used size -2.2G.
> I see only 2 options:
>  - Buffer overflow of the command (not much likely)
>  - Problem with the data on the disk.

This could be determined by running

        # du -sh /var

and compare the "total" result to the size of the /var
slice (/dev/aacd0s1d). In any case, a check in SUM with
unmounted partition would be good, as you mentioned.

> Maybe you should run fsck -fFyv /var

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