Polytropon wrote:

> So I miss things like:
>       - draw first circle with line thickness of 10 px

Select the object, then go to Object: Fill and Stroke

In the stroke style tab, set the width to 10px

>       - draw second (concentric) circle with line thickness of 10 px

Draw two circles of appropriate sizes anywhere on the page, select
both of them, then go to Object: Align and Distribute. Just
align centers horizontally and then vertically.  Voila: concentric
circles.  Hold down ctrl when drawing circles to constrain something
that's nearly circular into being an actual circle.

>       - align text between these circles (upper, lower, each
>         centered to Y axis of circles); use outlined letters
>         for the text (shapes)

Select the /inner/ circle and the text.  Got to Text: Put on Path.
You may have to double-click the curved text and drag the handles
to get it the right way up.

Select the text, and play with the Fill and Stroke stuff -- by default
text is filled with the background colour and the edges aren't drawn
(stroked) over, but that's easy to change.

>       - put a picture into the middle and cut it off where it
>         hits the inner circle.

Set the inner circle fill to transparent.  Make a group of the circles
and text, then drop it over your image.

>       - take some "bucket fill" and fill the "circle ring" blue,
>         the inner of the text keeps white, while the letters'
>         outline is black, and put some color into the figure in
>         the middle (flood fill method).

Bucket fill should work for the arbitrary areas, although use the Fill
and Stroke dialogue for the lettering.



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