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On Tuesday, 25 February 2003 at  0:24:27 -0300, David Feig wrote:
> I have been playing with Vinum and my first serious experiment resulted
> in a serious failure. I am not sure if my hard drive just chose this
> moment to fail or if it is a configuration problem but I can't seem to
> do anything with the drive anymore:
> ...
> Feb 24 21:37:17 hoho /kernel: ad7s1e: hard error writing fsbn 8 (ad7s1 bn 8; cn 0 tn 
> 0 sn 8)ad7s1e: hard error writing fsbn 8 (ad7s1 bn 8; cn 0 tn 0 sn 8) status=51 
> error=04

That's a hardware error.

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