I have jsut loaded up 7.2, fetched the ports and installed xorg / fluxbox
etc  - for first time my kb / mouse didnt work in xorg but now I have that
sorted with enabling hald etc

sorry if stupid question, but have xorg got radical changes within last months?

I never needed hald to have keyboard and mouse under X working. it's all just matter of xorg.conf, and keyboard and mouse just need setting a type (like polish in my case).

However, I have noticed that the GBP symbol does not work? In console I
get a beep, in xorg nothing. I have tried iso and cp850 keymaps

I can answer you in no-hald case. There are 2 things

1) If Xorg generate proper event when you press keyboard to get GBP symbol. You may check it with xev

2) If your fonts are set properly, and your xterm (or rxvt or whatever you use as a terminal) is configured properly so it will both accept and display it!

about text mode console - i have this in my rc.conf:


to have fully working polish letters. You should have similar done for UK set. look at /usr/share/syscons/ to select proper items.
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