> sorry if stupid question, but have xorg got radical changes within last
> months?
Xorg -version = 1.6.1 compiled from msot recent ports

Initially mouse and keyboard didnt work even with correct xorg settings.
Now you need hald_enable="YES" and dbus_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf and
the ms / kbd will be detected. Apparently this behaviour can be overridden
in xorg.conf itself with ;

Option "AutoAddDevices" "off"
Option "AutoEnableDevices" "off"

To the Section "ServerFlags"

Also, when creating your new xorg.conf (Xorg -configure) its best to add
Option "DontZap" "false" otherwise ctrl-alt-backspc wont get out out of X
and you end up pressing power button.

I also founf that X -config xorg.config.new -retro is best way to test new

> I never needed hald to have keyboard and mouse under X working

You might with the latest version ...
>> However, I have noticed that the GBP symbol does not work? In console I
>> get a beep, in xorg nothing. I have tried iso and cp850 keymaps

Oddly at Login: I can actually get the gb pound symbol but as soom as I am
logged in I get a beep !!!

> You may check it with xev

OK will check ...

> about text mode console - i have this in my rc.conf:

Yes, I have similar, well swiss is my fave but I have tried UK iso etc
still no luck

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