DEST                  STATE       AGE       EXP  PKTS BYTES     4:4   05:03:05  23:59:59  380K  296M

5 hours of online radio and I downloaded 296Meg. I don't want that hitting my
harddisk at all. And if I do, then I can always record it.

you don't have to. use for example mplayer with URL as argument.

- Bandwidth: This didn't interrupt noticeably with my work (ssh sessions) and
other web use (port downloads, remote imap, webmail, smtp over ssh, etc) and
I'm currently not using altq.

same as above.

That's just from client perspective. From server perspective, the bandwidth
advantage should be clear. There's no real advantage to gain maintaining altq
rules / mod_bandwidth / foo-solution or a streaming server, except if the
former are already in place.

Most important is to consider if your users "want to save the file", cause a
lot of clients hide or don't provide this feature. Over time though, as speeds
and availability increase more and more people are seeing the internet as
"another harddrive" so that distinction will fade.

anyway lots of people do download things to disks. the disks are usually huge today and mostly unused.

If I'm correct, Jos is from .nl, where people are spoiled in that respect [1].

[1] up to 120MBit down, 10Mbit up.

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