On Thursday 28 May 2009 00:43:56 Gonzalo Nemmi wrote:

> Note: I can ssh into the notebook, then "su -" and issue "acpiconf -s
> 3", but I can't get the notebook to WOL .. so .. I have to press the
> power button on the notebook to get it to resume and as a consecuence,
> those messages are sent to stdout (notebook screen) and I can't get
> them on the ssh client. SCRIPT(1) it's not a solution either .. because
> ad4 never gets back to life .. so script can't record a thing after it
> went into suspend :(
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Just to debug this issue, make /var/log and /var/run memory disks. /var/run 
too cause of the socket that syslog uses. That at least will give you the 
ability to manually transcribe the logs in worst case, best case being to save 
them to an USB stick you plug in after resume or copy of the network if bge 
ever comes back up.
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