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>That's what I used to think until I  deleted some java distfiles, and
>had to go though the rigmarole  of getting all the various files
>manually. There's also the possibility that a distfile gets rerolled
>and local copy is the only one that matches the port checksums. Disk
>space is cheap, the extra files don't add up to much in practice. The
>real advantage of cleaning comes from not have ten copies of kdebase
>and the like.

That is why I keep a backup of all the 'java' src files in ~/java just
so I can replace them in /usr/ports/distfiles if required. Other than
for the 'java' files. I completely delete all files in the 'distfiles'
directory. They server no useful purpose and can always be downloaded
again if required.


Any clod can have the facts, but having opinions is an art.

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