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cpghost <cpgh...@cordula.ws> wrote:

> The following excerpt from:
>   http://www.freebsd.org/releases/7.2R/relnotes-detailed.html
> may be helpful:
>   [amd64, i386] The FreeBSD virtual memory subsystem now supports
>   fully transparent use of superpages for application memory;
>   application memory pages are dynamically promoted to or demoted from
>   superpages without any modification to application code. This change
>   offers the benefit of large page sizes such as improved virtual
>   memory efficiency and reduced TLB (translation lookaside buffer)
>   misses without downsides like application changes and virtual memory
>   inflexibility.

Just out of idle curiosity, how does it work at the page queue level.
Most of the references to superpages are in pmap.c and vm_reserv.c. I
don't see any special handling in the pageout daemon where the inactive
and active queues are handled. 
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