On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 11:12:16AM +0200, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> >
> >FreeBSD developers know enough to avoid speaking 'on behalf' of anyone,
> >unless they are explicitly asked to do so and it makes sense.  We usually
> >just point the users gently towards an appropriate resource: a webpage, a
> >mailing list, or a team of more knowledgeable folks, etc.
> >
> >Boris did the right thing IMO by pointing at the donations pages.  Two of
> Exactly. but it for sure wasn't what original "sponsoring offer wanted". 
> He wanted banner/logo advert on mine webpage.

That was not what was stated in the email that started this thread.  Why
do you relentlessly ignore not only the actual wording of the original
email, but also the corrections offered by others?

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