1: Many (note all) of your posts in response to questions carry what
    we might call a snippy, kind of put down attitude toward the
    questioner.   Even when you are quite correct in information and
    criticism, it is not received well if you also say something that
    appears to ridicule the OP and/or other posters.   This is where I
    wonder if it is a language issue.   Do you realize that you are
    jamming people in the manner of your posts?   Take care of people's

while sometimes it is what i want (when someone just attack me or just repeating nonsense), generally you exaggerate.
    might be received, then don't put in those words - just stick to the
    plain and dull technical information.

Mostly i do if you read my answers. And i always try to help all people.

Classic example is some kind of windows user (or maybe linux distro) that wants "easy system" and "desktop software".

Telling him/her that it's better stick with windows is actually saving his/her time.

There are no cases that such people will switch. i know HUNDREDS of people like this, everybody got back to windows.

And i help FreeBSD too this way. Do you like more and more opinions like this:

"I completely don't understand that hype about linux/FreeBSD. It's even more inconsistent, slow and make more problems that windows."

I hear them often, and i understand them.

 2: Although I have seen a number of valuable responses posted under your
    address (eg presumably helpfully posted by you), sometimes you seem to
    jump in to a question or thread when you really do not know the answer
    or really do not have anything to add.

You see wrong. Probably because of few people that behave like having mental problems, and just criticizing ANYTHING i write.
Any attempt to discuss only make it worse.

Don't you think that it would be better AS YOU SAID - concentrate on topic, and not on your opinions about myself?

While few may be true, most are just the result of too quick reading and are too much based of this few people i mentioned.

Actually THEY starts "flamewar" because they don't use argument.

And - no - i WILL NOT be telling what you or other want from me, but my opinions. There is no way to change it no matter how "politically incorrect" it is.

I think it finally end in starting moderated maillist, because it's fine time to do so.
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