The "Dostojewsky of 911Skepticism" in an exclusive pre-release at

"911Skeptics Unite -the encyclopedia" by Nico Haupt aka ewing2001 aka Testpod69 aka [EMAIL PROTECTED]

48 hours after the release, the financial mastermind of Sep11th, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, was "ARRESTED!".
(Shaikh Mohammed died in FBI October 2001-raid:

Robert Fisk questioned arrestment of ISI-Shaikh Mohammed: )

Read about Mohammeds disturbing ties to Standard Chartered Bank (Building 7/Dubai), Skeikh Saeed and the Pakistan Secret Service ISI.
Read, why the NSA will continue to spy on everyone to start the war against Iraq.

"911Skeptics Unite" is the ultimate alphabetical collection on smoking guns regarding Sep11th, evidence on the bogus war on terrorism, a handbook for investigative, progressive and activistic proud americans and worldwide citizens.

You heard of some suspects and strange details, but forgot their name and context? You wonder about some new US-organisations and abbreviations, but lost the info? You don't trust some members of the US-government, but forgot the link? You search for an investigative website? You wanna support a pro-american peace-activist site, a pro-american impeachment site, you wanna fight for the first amendment? You wanna have a peaceful revolution?


A chilling inheritance of terror
By Syed Saleem Shahzad

Was 'mastermind' really captured?

"911Skeptics" can help out.

With 850 pages of keywords on Sep11th and its political aftermath, it is the biggest print collection ever on this topic.

"911Skeptics Unite" compiles every detail of the irregularities of the official story, obvious lies and fabrications (even confirmed by FBI and CIA) and presents the most important key persons and projects of an investigative and progressive movement, who wants to have their old america back and tried to stop the war on resources and regulating the energy prices.

"911Skeptics unite" is not only challenging the official story on the Sep11th- and anthrax attack,
it shows, how both originally had been connected with each other, facts the US Government and some corrupted CIA-members are refused to say.

But it's not only an alphabetical index, it is already the evidence for a growing movement against the WhiteHouse doctrin.

"911Skeptics Unite" quotes critical and patriotic voices out of the FBI, CIA and Pentagon against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Rice and their "advisors" Richard Perle or Jerome Hauer.

It compiles alphabetically every individual author, activist and website,
who was investigating on Sep11th so far and it refers to an endless collection of links from patriotic citizens who are scared of their own US-Congress, which seemed to be controlled by one and the same party-no difference between democrats and republicans is allowed.

"911Skeptics Unite" presents a glossary of the political aftermath and possible pretext for Sep11th, which will show the corruption and lies of both democrats and republicans.

It presents US Citizens, who want to have a peaceful revolution in their own country, stop racism, stop spying on their own citizens and declare peace with the Middle East.

It brings short biographies, never revealed facts and documents, oppressed and disturbing insider details of leaders of corporate identity, oil-biopharmacy and weapon industry, who really run the United States.

"911Skeptics unite" shows, how many thinktanks scripted parts of a possible Sep11th-scenario, before it occured, it lists all terror-exercises and early warnings before Sep11th.

One conclusion is definitive: The "incompetence theory" is a big lie, the evidence against it too strong, the suporters so overwhelming, but ignored by the US media, which is manipulated by US Military and self-brainwashed, ignoring impeachment- and peace movements of their own US-citizens and worldwide.

911Skeptics unite is based on the results and research of GROUND ZERO FORUM NYC,
established on Sep11th, 2001 at 8:53 AM.

-Key member ewing2001 of GZ was
banned at by the admin

-hacked in May 2002 shortlv after their 911Skeptics-forum in NYC,
a few days before Bush confirmed "prior knowledge" on Sep11th

-founding father of the 911 people's commission

-founding staff member of ShadowGovernment TV, New York, which merged in October 2002 with

-the results of the most important investigative files of GZ had been personally delivered to the United Nations, ShadowGovernment TV, Martin Luther King III, Cynthia McKinney and various right- and leftwing projects or media (, DER SPIEGEL, Green Party/Ralph Nader, FDNY, ConEdison, various 911victims, Japanese TV, Norway TV, Business Talk Radio, Scoop NZL, Matthias Broeckers, Telepolis, CNN and many more...)

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