The concept behind the EU is socialism, pure and simple. It attempts to

unfortunately yes. and i'm so unfortunate to live here. Strange enough Poland are fortunately very "behind" in this at least under current government, but the question is how long...

feeders. A free, open market is the way to encourage development and
new ideas and technology. Not some pathetic, socialistic concept.

Free means everybody will decide if to share ideas and work or not, instead of beaurocratic parasites deciding for them.

If anyone thinks that there will be no sharing then - welcome to FreeBSD :)

IMHO Really good deal of code in this system is something that people wrote themselves because they needed for their business, and then gave it back without any force. am i right?

A company has the right to disperse their product as they see fit. I
know a socialist like you finds that abhorrent; however, it is never the

He fortunately isn't dangerous socialist, just repeating what he learned from constant propaganda. nothing else.

Those who tell similar ideas just because he want to get into politics or become a clerk to get easily money - are bad but still not as dangerous.

The really dangerous are those who really truly believe in that shit and do everything to make it happen.

In computer world Richard Stallman is good example with his GNU ideas and communist licence.

Developing things under GNU licence is complete waste of time, as less and less companies will use it's product.

Does it make sense that - for example - i develop quite complex software/hardware and just used some simple part of GNU code to save time and not reinvent a wheel - and then i have to share ALL MY WORK, including my "trade secrets"?

No it doesn't, i would rather seek for BSD licenced things, use it, then contribute back any improvement i made to it.

Not because some f..n EU clerk requested me to do this, but because i get something and want to reward.
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