On Fri, 29 May 2009, Barry McCormick wrote:

Here at my work we use FreeBSD in production.  We have the following
debate and wish to know better the differences between cvsup(csup) and
portsnap.  One of my co-workers think that portsnap should NOT be used
and only gets the latest and greatest port collection, no matter what
version  of FreeBSD is on the server.   For example, if you are still
running a 5.4 stable box in production and use any of the portsnap,
portupgrade, etc utilities, you would pull the current version ports and
NOT from teh directory of the 5.4 ports. I.E, risk breaking the
production box.  So you should not use portsnap ever except for dev

The idea that there's a "5.4 ports" directory is mistaken. The ports tree isn't branched; note the lack of a "tag=" entry in the example ports-supfile. csup will let you retrieve from a certain date, but that's not normal usage for the ports tree.

So check your ports-supfile. It's probably already retrieving the latest version of ports, just like portsnap.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
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