But the choice you have in a strictly moderated mailing list is about
the same as the choice my people had in that particular oppressive
regime: leave or stay to fight a hopeless battle.

Thinking your way - if someone will come to my home and will do what i do not accept - can i force him to go out?

Yes i can. He can do the same in another house where it's accepted.

Those who don't agree with the moderation rules will use unmoderated one (this), with all it's (dis)adventages.

That's what bothers me with strict moderation.  It hinders the freedom
of expression of people, forcing them to go through unreasonable hoops
whenever their personality is slightly different from the 'permitted'
forms of straight-jacket.

You talk about that, but when i hear things like "shut up" it's fine of course? So how you define freedom? Freedom for all EXCEPT someone?

You seem to favor rules defined by those who shouts louder.

I at first placed thought about leaving that list at all, seeing that rulership of shouting crowd starts to win. Unfortunately to many here i stayed and will stay, because i know that what start at discussion forum WILL end in the product - FreeBSD.

The same happened in linux, (not exactly) the same happened with NetBSD, and now there is no usable unix other than FreeBSD.

Just please don't joke and say OpenBSD ;) it's not even funny.

This is a lot of text to go through, even in a semi-automated manner.

it's not possible to automatize this unfortunately.
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