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On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Phillip Smith (mailing list) wrote:

> I've downloaded the 8.11.6 patch from, and used the
> instructions they provided 
> [patch -p0 < /PATH/TO/], which then
> prompts me for 'which file to patch.' I'm not clear on which file I
> _need_ to patch? Or where it would be.

I associate this message with an earlier line identifying the file being
sought.  Usually this means I am not in a directory at the same relative
path [to the source root] from which the patch was made. Back up one
directory above your source root and try a few values of '-pN': -p1 .. -p3
 stopping as you have if the sources are not found -- very likely you will
hit the right offset and one or all of the patches will be applied
successfully. You have to look at any sections which fail to determine
why, and whether they are important. (You will get a report of this and 
they will have been saved with a 'rej' suffix.)

 John Mills

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