I'm looking for advice and/or pointers. I have an Intel-based MacBook Pro 
and I would like to use a USB thumb drive to be able to boot FreeBSD on 
it. Some questions:

1) Is this even possible? I've read that you _can_ boot Mac OS X from a 
USB hard drive on a new MacBook but I'm not sure if the same goes for 
non-Mac OSen or thumb drives.

2) What steps should I take to partition the thing? What boot code should 
I use and where should it live? I'm planning to do a manual installation 
in any event.

3) If I manage to get 1 and 2 sorted out, will I be able to boot the same 
thumb drive on a regular PC? Will any additional steps be necessary?

4) Just to be contrary, I'd also like to use GELI (if possible) for 
everything but /boot. Does needing an extra /boot partition change 

I'll be doing some experimenting, but if some things are already known 
(not) to work I'd like to start with as much info as possible.


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