Myths about Power Over Ethernet
May 28, 2009
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology integrates power and data across standard 
Cat5/5e/6 network cabling and provides more flexibility in today?s workplace. 
PoE enables power to be supplied to network devices, such as IP phones, network 
cameras, and wireless access points through a single, most often existing, 
network cable. When combined with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) a PoE 
network delivers continuous operation and minimizes business downtime by 
eliminating most power interruptions. With the ability to install endpoints in 
any location PoE technology provides a scalable and flexible networking 
infrastructure geared for growth and efficiency.

Unless gigabit ethernet is used, the simplest PoE is to put + on brown pair and - on blue pair, as only green and orange pairs are used. Unless the device doesn't have low voltage like 5V or less as input and doesn't suck too much power it's just fine, and requires just 5-10 minutes or work, soldering iron and insulation tape.

It's really funny to see "PoE converter" sets costing at least 150PLN (45$) here doing exactly the same. of course nobody forbids anyone to spent too much :)

I even know somebody that had a lots of equipment with american-style power (110V AC), made 220 to 110V transformer and actually put 110V AC OVER CAT5 CABLE.

It worked but really - it wasn't safe IMHO :)
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